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Why I Love My Husband {1-5}

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Why I Love My Husband
Why I Love My Husband (the never-ending list):
1. He loves the Lord.
2. He prays for me.
3. He shares his chocolate with me.
4. He watches Gone With The Wind with me.
5. He tells me how beautiful I am even when I'm not wearing make-up.

I'm joining in the fun with the Happy Wives Club and linking up every Thursday! I encourage you to share your "Why I Love My Husband" list with your husband. Shower him with some praise and affirmation. In doing so, may the Lord richly bless your marriage.
Then leave comment #4!
  1. If he shares his chocolate, then he's a keeper :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful day together

  2. Watching Gone with the Wind with you is amazing! My husband cringes even when I talk about buying it. :)

  3. Oh, that number 5 feels so good, doesn't it? So happy to know you'll be linking up with us each Thursday. It's my favorite post of the week for sure :)