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Easter Ornaments for Passion Week

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Easter Ornaments for Passion Week
Easter is early this year - March 31st! Passover is Sunday, March 24th. Start a new tradition this year with an Easter Tree. Use a branch from a tree in your yard and every day during Passion Week hang a new ornament. The idea is similar to a Jesse Tree. See this post. Each day you read the Scripture that accompanies each ornament as you hang the ornament.

When is Passion Week? It begins Palm Sunday and ends Resurrection Sunday --- that's an 8 day week!

This set includes 12 hand-crafted felt ornaments embellished with beads and sequins and a list for daily scripture reading for years of use.

Ornament themes listing, scripture readings, and symbols:

Day 1 - Palm Sunday/Triumphant Entry - Matthew 21:1-11
symbol: donkey and palm branch

Day 2 - Alabaster Box/Mary Annointing Jesus' Feet - Matthew 26:6-13
symbol: alabaster box

Day 3 - Last Supper/Bread & Cup - Matthew 26:17-29
symbol: cup of wine with unleavened bread

Day 4 - Jesus Washes Disciples' Feet - John 13:3-20
symbol: pitcher and bowl with water

Day 5 - Arrest in The Garden - Matthew 26:47-56
symbol: sword/dagger

Day 6 - Crucifixion - Matthew 27:33-44; John 1:29
symbol: cross and lamb

Day 7 - Prophecy of Three Days Buried - Matthew 12:40
symbol: whale

Day 8 - Resurrection Sunday - Matthew 28:1-10
symbol: empty tomb

Please visit my Etsy shop, Pink Scissors Design, to order your set today!

Then be the second commenter!
  1. Do you know I've never been on etsy.com? I'm clearly the only one! Very cool that we're talking about Easter already. I can't believe it's come around so sooner. This year is just flying by!