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Snakes, works and sunsets

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Nice, except for all the neon.
Couple interesting walks lately...well, interesting for the kind of stuff we've come along.

Our wee little strolls have lately taken us along the bikeway which cuts through the bushland near our house. They've been doing some renovations to it lately, including what you see to the right there.

It'll stop anyone who can't afford scissors.
Beyond the underpass which dips beneath Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road, they basically closed the whole thing off. Of course I continued and dragged Mrs Speech over a metal fence in what is sure to be a violation of some council ordinance or other.

Mostly it's just a lot of orange temporary fencing to keep people from writing BAZ HERE '88 or something along those anti-social lines, in the wet concrete.

A few days back we came across a grisly mystery: a dead snake. And not just dead but mutilated! Cool. Totally ripped up in the middle with ants carrying what's left of its insides back to their nests.

It's a Sherlock Holmes because unless a bird of prey decided to have a go at the slithery thing on the ground, the only thing that really could have chopped it was a lawnmower. A ride-on one. And the grass in that area had been freshly-mowed. But snakes are skittish and it would have heard that thing coming a mile away and wriggled off to eat a mouse.

Some newly re-sectioned bikeway.
The game is afoot. Well, maybe not. Snake's gone now.

Saw another scrub turkey the other day. There's a Uniting Church which we sometimes cut through to get home, and they have a bit of undeveloped land in suburbia with some trees and a turkey's decided he'll make a home there, I suppose. It's always fun to see something that prominent running around suburbia.

However, not all animal experiences are fun. The other day a bug decided to fly right in Mrs Speech's eye as we walked along bikeways between Broadwater and Cresthaven Parks.

It was the size of a tennis ball. Mrs speech actually had me take a picture of the thing - for posterity I tells ya! Where can I get it framed! - so she could see where it was. She won't let me post it even though it's cool because she's holding her lower eyelid down like a zombie kid or something.

Gross! Cool.
We used a tissue to get it out and were very thankful.

The days end later in Brisbane now, seeing as it's late spring (yay! summer!) and even though the other day we set off late we came home at just the right time. A Brisbane sunset is a pretty amazing thing, especially in the warmer months when the blues melt into picturesque purples and greens before sliding past the horizon. Nice to look at - even with the neon signs.

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