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Christmas Stockings for Christmas 2012

Friday, October 05, 2012
Rag Dolls Betty and Darla are ready for Christmas cuddles.
Christmas is 80 days away! Or less by the time you read this post. You can keep up with the countdown here. Phileas Fogg made his way around the world in so many days...so, Jules Verne recorded here. In so many days, I'm preparing and stocking up Pink Scissors Design for Christmas.

My Elna has been busy and merrily humming away as Christmas gets all sewn up.

When I'm not out on a walkabout with Mr Speech, I'm with Elna filling up Pink Scissors Design with Christmas goodies with you in mind: quilts, dolls, finger puppets, Jesse Tree ornaments, and now . . .

. . . Christmas Stockings!

New in The Shop

Stockings are a necessity at Christmas. They are perfect for hiding sweet surprises and holding wonderful Christmas treasures. As a child in Michigan, every Christmas morning I found a beautiful round orange in the toe of my stocking - a delicious tropical delight! Now, living in tropical Queensland with my handsome Aussie husband, the toe of my stocking is usually filled with Cadbury chocolates. Christmas breakfast is typically a tropical fruit platter: oranges, pineapple, kiwi fruit, and mangoes.

Rag Doll Darla shows how easily she fits into the new Christmas stockings.
Last week, I started making stockings for Christmas 2012. You can view them in the shop by clicking here. This year's Christmas stockings are a beautiful blend of cotton fabric and muslin. Each stocking is one of a kind, having a unique patchwork design on the front, quilted in variegated thread, and lined with muslin. The 2012 stockings measure 11 inches long, have a loop for hanging up, and are machine washable.

The stockings are large enough to hold one of the rag dolls from the shop with plenty of room to spare in the toe and foot for lollies (candy) and other Christmas surprises. The sweet Russian doll finger puppets would fit nicely, too!

New Christmas Stockings in Pink Scissors Design shop!
If you visit the shop today, you will see only two stockings listed. One is in the popular chevron pattern made up in bright pink fabric and festive stars. The other is in a classic strips pattern made up in green with festive polka dots. If you would like to order more than one at a time, please contact me. I will gladly create a custom listing for you. Perhaps, you desire a specific colorway or pattern. I welcome custom orders.

I've got a lovely blue fabric on the table patiently waiting to be made into the next stocking. I haven't decided on a pattern for it yet. Any suggestions?

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