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Don't Mess With Storm Season

Monday, November 19, 2012
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Once a day is enough, thanks.
As I have implied before, you don't mess with storm season.

And as I have explicitly stated before, I have broken my own rule.

Storms in Brisbane get fierce. They roll in from the west, typically around 4pm, a humid onslaught that begins with day turning into night, dark purple and green clouds which are basically stage one in GET THE HECK INDOORS.

The thunder peals and sometimes lightning is seen piercing the murky soup above.

Then the wind picks up. It usually turns your Mary Poppins inside out while the rain begins.

The rain slams us all of a sudden in the wet season, big fat rain as Forrest Gump put it, that falls straight down in enormous splashes on the sidewalk.

Mrs Speech and her GMail alert-enabled phone captured this yesterday.
Yesterday was like this only the day was sandwiched between two massive storm cells. Saturday night was punctuated by thunder which rolled in slow and then at night picked up like shotgun blasts, scaring the mustard out of Mrs Speech.

Sunday morning it died down. I went out and got Mrs Speech some breakfast. By late morning the sky was a beautiful blue and the ground dried rapidly.

By Late afternoon, it was at it again. We turned the lights on early and waited. The wind and the rain hit and we did it all over again.

Does the weather have to be so schizophrenic?
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