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BBQ Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Sunday, October 03, 2010
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Mrs Speech introduced me to the wonders of BBQ chicken a years ago, after we had gotten married. What a revelation! I mean, I had had BBQ chicken pizza which over here, has been something of a delicacy for a long time.

But actual chicken, in BBQ sauce? Dee-lish.

I (Mr. Speech)generally prefer it done with chicken breast, instead of the drumsticks, but eating the leg does have a certain rustic feel to it, with yer hands all sticky and none of the 18th century kingly dining hall civilisation that using a couteau et fourchette produces.

Anyway, on to the recipe:

Get those bad boys together.
  • 4 chicken drumsticks
  • 1 - 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • your favorite BBQ sauce
  • water

Step 1 - Preparation
This oven doesn't get very hot. Oh, wait! That's Celsius.
Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Gather your ingredients. Rinse off the chicken and pull off any remaining pin feathers.

Prep your veggies. Mrs. Speech decided upon mashed potatoes, cucumber & carrot slices. Rinse, peel, and cut your veggies. We encourage you to eat your veggies! Along with being good for you, they add nice colour to your plate.

As a side note: we use Online Conversion for all of our temperature and measurement conversions. Why? Because Mrs. Speech is American and the metric system never really took off there. Thus, our Celcius oven is alien to her.

Step 2 - Pan
Painting a masterpiece.
Pour olive oil in roasting pan and spread around coating the bottom of the pan. Place in roasting pan and put in oven on the middle shelf.

After 10 minutes, turn drumsticks. They should be turning a golden brown. At this point, remove pan from oven and apply bbq sauce brushing it on generously. Apply twice if desired and return to oven. Add 1/4 cup water to pan - to help moisten the meat and keep the bbq sauce from becoming a sticky mess on pan.

Repeat every 15 - 20 minutes for an hour. At the end of an hour, check chicken with a fork, pulling apart a piece of meat, looking for a nice white color. NO PINK! If pink, keep cooking until white.

Step 3 - Plate
No pink = ready to eat.
Remove from pan with tongs. Serve with your favorite veggies.

Mrs. Speech always tests the chicken before she removes it from the oven. See, in the photo - no pink! If it's pink, it always goes back in...the meat must be white.

After you plate up the chicken, dish up the potatoes. Place the carrots and cucumber on the side. Don't forget the butter and salt for your potatoes. Enjoy!

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