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Why I Love My Husband {16-20}

Thursday, March 07, 2013
Why I Love My Husband
Why I Love My Husband (the never-ending list):
16.) He keeps up with the housework while I'm away. While I'm in America visiting family, he is back home doing dishes and laundry. Thank you, Honey!
17.) He keeps a watchful eye on the budget and makes sure the bills are paid.
18.) He kills bugs and spiders for me...cockroaches, too. And, those Australian bugs, spiders, and cockroaches are HUGE!
19.) He treats me like a lady - holds the door open for me and pulls out my chair.
20.) He has a great smile!

I'm joining in the fun with the Happy Wives Club and linking up every Thursday! I encourage you to share your "Why I Love My Husband" list with your husband. Shower him with some praise and affirmation. In doing so, may the Lord richly bless your marriage.
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