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How we do Christmas Part Five - Christmas & Boxing Day

Sunday, January 27, 2013
The stockings were hung...with care!
We know, it's the end of January and Mr & Mrs Speech are just now posting the last part in their Christmas series! Life got very busy...much like a whirlwind, as Mrs Speech jetted off to the USA for a holiday visiting family in the snowy land of Michigan. Mr Speech is holding down the fort back in Australia. Let's wrap up Christmas, so Mrs Speech can begin posting about her adventures in America.

Christmas Day in the Speech household is full of childlike anticipation and excitement of opening presents, though there are no children in the house. No sleep is had. And, there is usually a conversation that goes something like this at 4 a.m. or earlier:

Mrs Speech: What time is it?

Mr Speech: 4 a.m.


Mr Speech: Can we get up yet?

Mrs Speech: I don't see why not. We are adults now.

Mr Speech: Let's get up!

An so, we get out of bed more like the 5-year-old version of ourselves, than the adult married versions, and gleefully welcome Christmas morning.

This is all before children. After children, Christmas mornings may look differently. It may be the children waking us up. However, I don't see that happening. I think we will be too excited and will be the ones to wake up our children. Well, we shall see.

Mr Speech reads the Christmas Story from Luke 2 before we open our stockings and then move on to the presents. Afterwards, Mrs Speech makes breakfast.

Christmas breakfast has changed a lot for me (Mrs Speech), having grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, in the land of ice and snow. Christmas breakfasts were always hot. All that changed marrying Mr Speech and moving to the Southern Hemisphere. Now Christmas breakfasts are tropical. We enjoy a fruit platter: mangoes, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, pomegranate, grapes, etc... A cold breakfast, perfect for a hot Christmas Day.

The oven does go on, though. The turkey must be cooked. Each year we have a turkey dinner for Christmas. I must brag on Mr Speech. He found a mighty nice turkey and bought it for a fantastic price. He's got great bartering skills!

After Christmas dinner - turkey, roast veggies, bread, green bean casserole - we have a relaxing evening and get to bed early for Boxing Day!

The crowd outside of Myer, Brisbane CBD.

We managed to catch the bus and make it into the city just in time before Myer opened. We hoped to be there for the mad rush. We did expect to see a bigger crowd. Still the crowds of people did not disappoint as we made out way up and down Queen Street Mall ducking in and out of shops: Myer, Rebel Sport, A-Mart All Sports, JB Hi-Fi, T2, Colette, Dotti, Kikki.K, just to name a few.

The word for the day: CROWDS!

Mr Speech is a real trooper! He survived the crowds of girls and women at Colette and Dotti. Bumped and maybe even bruised, he waited while I browsed and bought, and then he carried my bags! My hero!

Tea for two - T2 - tea for me!

T2 is one of my favorite shops in the Brisbane CBD. It's a regular stop on Boxing Day. I love to pick out a tea cup and bring home my favorite T2 tea - French Earl Grey. This year, I only came home with the tea, no tea cup. I just couldn't decide, and to be honest, I was hoping for a Boxing Day sale. Sadly, T2 wasn't having one.

Kikki.K had a fantastic Boxing Day sale. This year I actually bought something. Every year on Boxing Day I browse and wish I had bought something at Kikki K and this year I finally did. I'm so glad! It was a recipe book/organizer and some cute red love heart magnets.

We had a lovely Christmas & Boxing Day. We hope you and your families did, too. Also, we wish you a very happy & prosperous New Year!

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