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They say don't blog when you're angry

Saturday, December 08, 2012
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The 2DayFM page isn't loading quickly at the moment. The link to the prank itself has been removed.

I suppose it's all fun and games until a person dies at Christmastime to satisfy the reprehensible whims of the prostitutes our western mass media culture has vomited upon us.
Actually, they don't say that at all. Something about driving, though I believe.

But I'm (Mr Speech) going to blog while angry so there's a 100% chance that I will make a fool of myself.

CNN and other news outlets are currently reporting that the nurse who was recently the victim of a prank call by two Australian DJs, has killed herself.

There has been initial confusion over whether the deceased was the receptionist who put the call through to the nurse, or the nurse who provided information on the Duchess of Cambridge's medical condition.

First, let's have a little chat about 2DayFM, the radio station who employ Mel Grieg and Michael Christian, the DJs in question.

The station is trash; it's a manure factory specialising in the outrageous, the obscene and the depraved. Its content is gutter waste designed to outdo the other guys in poking around the bottom of the barrel. Their shows are a travesty: a toilet of spoofs and pranks (see above) which stretch for the lowest common denominator because the 'talent' doesn't have the ability to entertain with any dignity whatsoever.

They're out of their depth when faced with something other than jokes about bodily functions.

They're lazy, obnoxious and devoid of personality. Cookie-cutter cutouts of every other selfish, tasteless jerk whose need to offend trumps integrity.

2DayFm employs the most notorious radio DJ in the country: Kyle Sandilands (whose biography, Scandalands is available from all good retailers this Christmas, priced at $34.99, in case you run out of toilet paper).

The zenith of Kyle's career, if you want to call it that, was a 2009 incident where a 14 year old girl and her mother were 'interviewed'. The girl was hooked up to a lie detector and asked questions about her sexual experiences while the mother was with her. The girl revealed she had been raped at the age of 12. Her revelation was quickly dismissed.

Kyle has a retinue of incidents like this one which easily point to his being the king of a castle full of idiotic miscreants appealing to the most base and the least intelligent. But even his pathetic exploits have never resulted in death (that we know of).

Mel and Michael are just the latest.

In May 2004, two Portland DJs and their producer were fired, after the pair played the audio portion of the video of Nick Berg being beheaded by Islamic militants. I have not listened to it. I understand it's graphic.

In 2007 a 28 year-old woman named Jennifer Strange was found dead after participating in a radio station contest to win a Nintendo Wii, which involved drinking bottles of water and not urinating. She was a victim of water intoxication.

You can look up other stuff if you like. There's a page on Wikipedia relating to shock jocks.

These people...they ball my fists up and make me want to lash out. I can't believe such hideous, emotionally-deformed, predatorial people are allowed on the air. I can't believe they're given places of respect and admiration in our society. Who are we, that we elevate such revolting souls?

I stopped listening in the mid-nineties when it became less about the music. But society at large has not only permitted shock jocks, it has encouraged them. Remember when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut? He's a flag-bearer of the Neocon Republican movement, whose Evangelical element should be ashamed to have him associated with the mission of Christ. He's a disgusting, perverted reprobate.

They are all cowards. They operate at a distance, beyond the immediate reach of their targets. Kyle was in New Zealand when the 14 year old girl's molestation was made public. Mel and Michael phoned a nurse in London.

No-one's responsible. Everyone's responsible.

The inner sanctum of my anger is that I want justice. I need it. Otherwise, aren't we all just animals? The Bible records us as being separate creations, but if we tolerate this devouring of other peoples' lives, if we casually listen to some man's head being cut off by eastern blades and laugh about it...how are we any different?

We are the most degenerate, dishonourable species on the planet. The Lord held back his wrath on account of his son. There should be hellfire.

At the very least, people like Mel and Michael should be fired, banned from the airwaves and named and shamed. There absolutely needs to be laws against this kind of vulturine bloodsport. The British won't do it, nor will the rest of the western world, which essentially means we're all unprotected against the most vicious among us.

Those who will kill for laughs.
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  1. I'm in the UK and I'm pleased to hear your response - here the papers are saying that the radio station was playing the tape even after the nurse was found dead, how can these people sleep at night? Curiously my paper tells me that only the British were upset by the prank - obviously not true! Thank you

  2. Yes indeed...most of us here in Australia think they're simply a pair of vicious, talentless schlubs. They are an embarassment to us, that's for sure.